Hi, I’m Jaime and I LOVE nonprofits. I believe that growing our nonprofit organizations is the key to making our community better.

But often, while a nonprofit is GREAT at fulfilling its mission, it is not quite raising the funds it needs to thrive. So year after year, it tries to do more with less. I help nonprofits that don’t have the luxury of a paid fundraising professional on their staff DO MORE WITH MORE. Here’s what I offer:

Fundraising coaching that any nonprofit can afford.
Assessments that get at the heart of the issue.
Proven strategies that will help you raise more money.

If you are a nonprofit director or board member, I can help you build your nonprofit’s capacity by coaching you to improve your fundraising efforts. And, because my coaching is conducted remotely via phone or video calls, working with me is surprisingly affordable.

If you are doing good work in your community, I want to work with you. Please reach out via my CONTACT page and let’s talk about it.